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Brand name projects on the rise

Posted on July 1st, by Bill Vallis in News. No Comments

Name that brand

A series of IT businesses have recently knocked on the door of The Four Peas, looking for assistance in finding a new brand name: some for a corporate entity or sub-entity; others for a specific product or service; and others still for both. … Read More »

Responsive website drives healthcare enquiries

Posted on June 18th, by Bill Vallis in News. No Comments

Fertility centre’s responsive website is an instant hit

Bath Fertility Centre’s new responsive website has proved an immediate hit. Despite a soft launch with little direct site promotion, online enquiry levels have been strong.

Dr Stephanie Gadd, Consultant Embryologist at Bath Fertility Centre comments, “Our newly launched, … Read More »

Copywriting great content: top tips

Posted on May 31st, by Bill Vallis in Blog. No Comments

Improve marketing ROI – advice for have-a-go copy heroes

Do you entrust your marcomms agency with copywriting, or are you more of a have-a-go hero?

You probably wouldn’t stake the success of your marketing communications on your own graphic design skills, even though you can draw. So … Read More »

National charity boosts retail marketing

Posted on May 22nd, by Bill Vallis in News. No Comments

Shaw Trust commissions The Four Peas to build retail customer engagement

Employment services charity Shaw Trust has commissioned the Four Peas to create a series of new B2C communications pieces. The objective of the new retail marketing collateral is to increase the charity’s engagement with its … Read More »

Market Segmentation – 9 pointers to segmentation success

Posted on May 15th, by Bill Vallis in Blog. 2 comments

Bullseye, or just plain bull… is your marketing on target?

As an agency on a mission to help our clients achieve their commercial maximum, we keep an eye on a selection of the best blogs, interest groups and industry comment. And while these sources SHARE useful … Read More »

Software client lauds website update

Posted on May 14th, by Bill Vallis in News. No Comments

User focus drives WCBS digital marketing presence

School management software company WCBS has worked with The Four Peas to implement a major website design update. The new site incorporates user-focused navigation features and a significant structure revision, ensuring it focuses on revenue generation and the company’s … Read More »

The 4Ps of Marketing – mind your ‘C’s, ‘E’s and ‘Q’s

Posted on April 29th, by Bill Vallis in Blog. No Comments

When we established The Four Peas a decade ago, we chose the agency name as a reference to E. Jerome McCarthy’s widely referenced 4Ps of marketing. Playful and relevant, we hoped the name would bring a smile of recognition to marketers – and be distinct … Read More »

An exercise in lifetime marketing value

Posted on April 11th, by Bill Vallis in Blog. No Comments

The gym. It’s an experience I endure to stay fit for weekend mountain biking adventures, but also to clear my head and gather my thoughts: we all need a bit of zen time. Sometimes I go after an intense day at work, specifically to move … Read More »

Developing a winning email contact list – Email Marketing

Posted on March 22nd, by Bill Vallis in Blog. No Comments

While the majority of businesses recognise the potential value of email marketing within their wider marketing communications programme, many fewer are actually walking the walk. But why?

Welcome to the blog

Posted on March 11th, by Bill Vallis in Blog. Comments Off

Here we will be sharing a few of the interesting things we find.