The client case study [Part 1] – your brand credibility test

The client case study [Part 1] – your brand credibility test

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Illustrate B2B value with a well planned case study

With content that’s of real value to customers and prospects rightly prized, a client case study can be a great way to illustrate B2B value. At The Four Peas we’re certainly seeing strong demand for case study production as a focus for B2B marketing programmes, with our recent work including projects for Grant Thornton, amongst others.

Inbound marketing assets

As marketers, we need to adapt to the constantly evolving digital world. More and more businesses are employing inbound marketing techniques, recognising that prospects now engage with their businesses at a later stage in the buying cycle.

Great content is a critical driver of inbound marketing success. Overtly sales-led messages are out: business buyers want to independently research potential suppliers and partners – before they approach them with a sales enquiry.

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A case study is a powerful way for your business to:

  • Build brand credibility by name dropping clients
  • Show a B2B solution’s value in a real world scenario
  • Demonstrate that your client is happy (so happy, they’ve gone public)
  • Present trusted, relevant client testimonial content

Do you pass the test?

Asking your client to publicly associate their business with yours through a case study is a significant moment – it’s a true test of your brand credibility. There is a degree of implicit confidence and trust involved, so it’s vital that your marketing department or third party agency conducts the production process in the most effective and professional way.

Growing the client relationship

At The Four Peas we kick-off the case study creation process with a detailed briefing by our client’s senior executives. This ensures that when we interview their client as the main subject of the case study, it delivers exactly the information and quotes we need. It also reflects the importance of the way in which the case study production exercise is conducted – done well, it positively reinforces key client relationships. Done badly…


A B2B client case study put business benefits into useful context, and shows your product or service’s relevance to a specific market sector or challenge. Case studies are perceived as more interesting, independent and trustworthy than traditional outbound marketing material.

Of course, prospects will be well aware that a case study is written to show a solution in its best light. But they also know that a client has ultimately been prepared to put their name to the piece – and that’s a significant validation in anyone’s eyes.

 4 key takeouts on case study planning:

  1. Focus on producing valuable content for your audience.
  2. Integrate inbound activities with your wider marketing programme.
  3. Assess the feasibility & relevance of each potential client case study.
  4. Ensure your team has the requisite case study production skills & experience.

Lookout for our follow-up post on the practical issues you need to understand to optimise production of your next client case study.


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