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A fresh perspective. Underwear on a washing line with the caption 'nice and fresh'

What our clients say

Whether your marketing department fills Wembley Arena, or is a one man or woman show, there are times when a fresh perspective – or just an experienced pair of hands – can work wonders.

‘Seeing the wood for the trees’ is a challenge many businesses experience. And if you find yourself in the forest, it can get very dark indeed… That’s when The Four Peas can help:

  • Brand reviews/development
  • Marketing audits & consultancy
  • Communications planning

If we could swagger straight in and deliver the pearls of wisdom you’ve been searching for your entire career, that would be nice. More realistically, we’ll spend time with you and your colleagues, apply a sound marketing methodology, and identify and implement the actions that will generate maximum return.

In certain instances we provide marketing support on a contract basis. This has proved a particularly affordable and effective way for SME clients to accelerate their marketing. Clients benefit from an experienced and amazingly productive partner who will take your projects and run with them – fast.

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