BlackBerry: smartphone, smart copy

BlackBerry: smartphone, smart copy

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The Four Peas has completed a prestigious copywriting assignment to help drive sales of BlackBerry® smartphones across the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. The agency’s copy is central to a new tool being provided to customer facing mobile phone salespeople, helping them to communicate key features and benefits.

Easy and fast
BlackBerry manufacturers Research In Motion provide product training to mobile phone carrier sales staff, and the new literature will raise training effectiveness.

Bill Vallis of The Four Peas explains, “We know that consumers expect the rich functionality available with the latest smartphones to be fast and easy to setup. Our copy gets sales staff up to speed, highlighting the fun, value and ease of use of the newest features.”

Copywriting experience
The Four Peas offers exceptional copywriting, whether delivering an entire marcoms project ‘end to end’, or simply creating copy in isolation. The agency has extensive B2B and B2C experience spanning every media and wide ranging sectors, including a long list of IT and telecoms businesses.


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