BlackBerry takes a safari

BlackBerry takes a safari

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How do you convey the sophisticated benefits of the latest smartphone devices in a punchy, engaging and compelling way? This is an everyday challenge for telecoms manufacturers, and one that The Four Peas has been tackling on behalf of Research in Motion (RIM).

Multimedia brochure

RIM are the makers of BlackBerry, and the world’s fastest-growing company, according to business magazine Fortune. The Four Peas has completed its latest copywriting for the company: a multimedia brochure that takes the reader on the journey of a lifetime.

Adoption challenge

Telecoms operators have faced an industry wide problem with the launch of new applications for handheld devices: getting users to actually adopt them. Under the headline ‘Live your life. Share your world’, the copy uses a safari scenario to illustrate the sheer usefulness and fun of today’s smartphones.

Perfect antidote

The brochure written by The Four Peas is the perfect antidote for consumers fed-up with sales literature as unreadable as the proverbial telephone directory. A series of short spoken dialogues, supported by fun imagery, effortlessly communicates the amazing capabilities and ease of use of RIM’s phones. Which just goes to prove that in today’s marketplace, less really can be more.


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