Bring I.T. together

Bring I.T. together

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Leisure management software experts Clarity Flex have initiated a multi-faceted B2B product launch with the help of The Four Peas, making an immediate market impact.

Targeted online banner advertising and traditional trade press advertising devised by the agency have driven strong initial enquiry levels for Clarity’s latest product. The six-month integrated campaign features a series of advertisements headlined “bring I.T. together”, and will be followed by phased direct marketing, telemarketing and sales event activities.

The challenge – less is more
The challenge in communicating the value of brands and products effectively is to keep the message punchy and compelling. And when the campaign concerns software with highly sophisticated capabilities for managing multi-site businesses, the challenge only gets bigger.

As Bill Vallis of The Four Peas confirms, “Less is definitely more when it comes to advertising, but that can be hard to put into practice when clients are keen to unveil detailed product benefits. Fortunately, Clarity Flex recognised the strength of our creative concept and supported the approach from the outset.”

Creative concept
The Four Peas devised and presented a series of alternative creative approaches. Clarity chose “bring I.T. together” as the conceptual headline, supported by a series of leisure images that communicate performance, integration and teamwork. The result is a standout campaign that has harvested valuable leads from the outset.


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