The Four Peas covers every scenario

The Four Peas covers every scenario

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A new interim management consultancy has been launched, with literature and a website devised and produced by marketing agency The Four Peas. Scenario One is specifically targeting the healthcare sector, focusing on providing senior executives for short periods to tackle ‘troubleshooting’ situations.

Dual audience
As a new venture, the directors at Scenario One were keen to create a market presence as quickly as possible, while keeping their initial marketing investment at a manageable level.

The Four Peas highlighted the need to deliver tailored messages to Scenario One’s two key audiences – large healthcare sector employers, and senior executive candidates interested in pursuing interim management careers.

To meet Scenario One’s budget, The Four Peas limited initial activity to the creation of a straightforward website, plus a brace of upmarket leaflets targeting the two audiences. Because of the very tight timescale, The Four Peas’ initial creative proposals and copy headlines had to be delivered via email. When Scenario One saw the work their response was instantaneous, declaring “it was brilliant to open the work and feel so delighted”.

Spot on
Bill Vallis, MD of The Four Peas commented, “In a few short weeks we’ve taken Scenario One from being a company with a name but little else, to one with a clearly developed market position and messaging.” The response-focused website developed by the agency presents clear propositions to employers and senior executive candidates, while the tailored leaflets carry a powerful creative message and sport exclusive production values to maximise impact.


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