Writing the script for 1m+ Microsoft prospects

Writing the script for 1m+ Microsoft prospects

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The Four Peas has been commissioned to work on another major Microsoft online campaign. The agency is developing creative copy for various digital media targeting over one million small business owners during 2009. The campaign focuses on Microsoft’s market leading Office software suite.

Win and retain customers
Microsoft’s digital campaign aims to drive customers and prospects to its online small business portal.

The Four Peas’ copywriting input includes penning an email targeting small business owners, with the primary call to action to visit a campaign landing page. Four Peas’ director Bill Vallis adds, “In addition to the primary campaign email, we’re also creating messaging for the landing page and for channel partner resources, too.”

No nonsense copy
As a group, small business owner-managers are passionate about what they do – and notoriously averse to ‘marketing fluff’. Bill Vallis comments, “For this audience, we know it’s critical that copy is short and to the point – we’ve got to get to the message fast.” The Four Peas’ no nonsense messaging will tap in to business owners’ commitment to excellence, offering access to practical, peer-to-peer business advice via a series of online videos.


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