Brand name projects on the rise

Brand name projects on the rise

3Sys brand created for WCBS

Name that brand

A series of IT businesses have recently knocked on the door of The Four Peas, looking for assistance in finding a new brand name: some for a corporate entity or sub-entity; others for a specific product or service; and others still for both. Whether this represents a trend or coincidence is hard to say, but it underlines the importance being given to this most fundamental aspect of brand development.

Making a hat that fits

Bill Vallis of The Four Peas comments, “Coming up with a new brand name is a creative challenge we relish. It’s also a responsibility, because we know that all of our client’s marketing efforts will be inextricably focused on the brand name for years to come.”

Corporate identity for HospitalityGEM

HospitalityGEM Product Set

The agency has worked with IT clients including Involve, HospitalityGEM, WCBS and Evaden, on brand name development projects. From new product launches and portfolio re-shuffles through strategic alliances and corporate repositioning, the drivers for creating a new brand name are many and varied. But what unites these projects is that they invariably come at landmark moments in a company’s evolution.

How do they do that?

A brand name needs to get to the very essence of what it represents. It’s also got to be memorable, search engine friendly, and different from the competition – and of course, the corresponding web domain has to be available.

The Four Peas is carving a niche for itself in the IT brand name game. “IT businesses face ever more crowded markets,” says Bill Vallis, “Combining creativity, imagination, strategic understanding and a systematic approach is bearing results for us and our clients.”

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