National charity boosts retail marketing

National charity boosts retail marketing

Shaw Trust charity: logo

Shaw Trust charity: logo

Shaw Trust commissions The Four Peas to build retail customer engagement

Employment services charity Shaw Trust has commissioned the Four Peas to create a series of new B2C communications pieces. The objective of the new retail marketing collateral is to increase the charity’s engagement with its store customers.

Operating nationwide and with an estate of 50 retail shops, Shaw Trust supports disabled and disadvantaged people, and runs large government sponsored employment contracts.

Retail marketing effectiveness

While recognition levels of Shaw Trust’s name are high, awareness of the charity’s purpose is lower. Recognising the opportunity to build stronger, longer term relationships with its public supporters, it enlisted The Four Peas to help improve communications effectiveness across its retail network.

“The Shaw Trust brochure conveys our brand story perfectly to our retail customers. It’s a very effective marketing piece that balances warm, engaging content with succinct outlines of our charity’s impact, “ says Simone Dumergue, Marketing Manager at Shaw Trust.

Quirky bags

The agency has created quirky retail shopping bags, a brochure introducing the charity’s work to the public, and a point of sale item for distribution with every retail sale. Simone Dumergue

The new retail marketing pieces will help Shaw Trust to build a clear brand identity across its stores, educating customers on its work and increasing engagement and repeat visits. With s distinctly different tone of voice to the charity’s commissioner focused marketing, the retail items bring its work to life in a succinct and accessible way.

“The retail bag designs blew us away – these will make a big difference as we raise our public profile,” enthused Simone Dumergue.

Putting the brand at the heart of the retail offer

Four Peas director, Bill Vallis comments, “Charities like Oxfam have shown how putting a brand communications strategy at the heart of the retail offer can achieve powerful results. Our work with Shaw Trust is the beginning of this process, and we’re excited about the difference this project will make.”

To create marketing communications that truly engage your customers, contact The Four Peas.


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