Real value website copy

Real value website copy

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New Claritize website attracts VC interest

A new software company website is attracting high levels of commercial interest – including an unsolicited call from a would-be VC investor.

Designed and built by Storm, and copywritten by The Four Peas, the new Claritize website demonstrates the importance and value of well judged, crafted marketing messaging. As Claritize’s primary marketing vehicle, it was critical that the website encapsulated the product proposition neatly, clearly and compellingly.

Communicating the vision

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A dynamic new software startup, Claritize had an exciting vision, deep market experience in its target verticals, and a really bright technical team. But it needed to figure out how best to express and communicate its value to its target audiences in banking and telecoms.

The Four Peas helped Claritize achieve this. The agency asked searching questions about the product offering, target audience needs, and where the true value of the software lay. This drove the message development process, quickly taking the company through a series of draft copy platforms until the website was signed-off, and securing the excitement and buy-in of everyone involved.

Get your proposition right

Andrew Carr, CEO of Claritize, says, “Getting website messaging right is a bigger job than you think. Expert copywriting by The Four Peas’ has lifted our proposition and boosted the Claritize site – we’re getting fantastic feedback.”

Bill Vallis of The Four Peas adds, “We’re really chuffed with the feedback on the Claritize product proposition and website copy. It’s nice when a client can see just what a profound difference professional message development can make to their marketing.”

If your business could do with expert website copywriting, contact The Four Peas.


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