Sector: IT – consumer software

Brief: The brief centred on communicating the benefits of Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system and Windows Live software suite to a broad consumer audience. Microsoft’s digital marketing agency, Mason Zimbler, brought The Four Peas on board to develop copy content for an extensive consumer website with interactive digital video features.

Solution: Creative copy that compellingly communicates how the technology enhances peoples’ digital lifestyles and frees-up time for other tasks. The website features videos of four different characters, each using Vista and Live products while travelling. As viewers follow and interact with each video character, selectable icons appear highlighting product benefits and linking to further information.

Results: An exciting, engaging and multi-faceted online user experience. Copy in the form of headlines, links, introductory lines and extended narrative sections motivate and help users to easily explore this substantial site, powerfully communicating the fun and dynamism of the products.

[supertagline]”The Four Peas consistently delivers IT copy that’s on-time, on-brief and based on a genuine understanding of the market. We know our clients are in safe hands.”

Mason Zimbler


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